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IE3 Series Motors Champion – Premium Efficiency Motors

IE3 series motors are offered from 0.37kW – 375kW in 2, 4 & 6 Pole.

These squirrel cage Induction motors confirming to the IS: 12615 / IEC: 60034-1 are offered in Cast Iron housing with IP 55 protection and with TEFC IC411 cooling as per IS: 6362. The IE3 motors when compared to the non-IE motors offer substantial amounts of savings in energy.

The Champion IE3 Series motors are offered for an Ambient of 50°C, for Altitude < 1000m, with Class F insulation, 63 Series bearing for frame 160 and above with identical bearings at DE and NDE which helps in reducing the inventory. These motors are also provided with Regreasable bearings for frames 160 onwards.


IE3 Premium Efficiency motors from Siemens

Are Siemens motors ready for the changeover to IE3? What are the advantages of IE3? And why is the changeover worthwhile in any case?

Sophisticated technology that pays off

Opting for IE3-compliant asynchronous motors means you can expect total reliability, long life and maximum robustness. And that means your investment is safe. In many cases, too, switching to IE3 will not require any change to the mechanical construction of your machine, because motors from IE1 to IE3 retain the same shaft height. That saves engineering and retrofit costs – and of course using IE3 Premium Efficiency motors from Siemens will make a noticeable saving on your electricity account.

Always the right choice

Premium Efficiency motors from Siemens are available in countless standard versions from 0.37 kW to 1,000 kW – just right for all applications in the manufacturing and processing industry.


Siemens offers three-phase direct on line motors in a range of series up to 1,000 kW.For pumps, ventilators, compressors, in the processing industry or in particularly harsh environments, the range of motors available means the right solution is on hand to meet every requirement.


Innovative rotor technology makes IE3 motors extremely compact. They come with the same shaft height as IE2 motors, which means the mechanical interfaces to the assembly remain unchanged. Because the improved efficiency rating can often be achieved using the same housing, there is no need to change the mechanical structure of the machine in many cases.


Besides lower energy consumption, IE3 Premium Efficiency motors from Siemens offer these winning features:

  • Integrated lifting lugs
  • Easily accessible connection boxes
  • Unchanging shaft heights and the same housing in many cases

IE3 und CO₂-emissions

The IE3 standard represents a contribution to a comprehensive, EU-wide package of measures intended to reduce CO₂ emissions by 20% and increase energy efficiency by 20% between now and 2020.

Ordering Data

KW HP 2Pole – 3000RPM 4Pole – 15000RPM 6Pole – 1000RPM
0.37** 0.5 1LA2 070-2NC70 1LA2 073-4NB70 1LA2 080-6NC70
0.55** 0.75 1LA2 073-2NC70 1LA2 080-4NA70 1LA2 083-6NA70
0.75 1 1LA2 080-2NC70 1LA2 083-4NA70 1LA2 090-6NB70
1.1 1.5 1LA2 090-2NA70-Z 1LA2 090-4NA70 1LA2 106-6NB70-Z
1.5 2 1LA2 090-2NA70 1LA2 096-4NA70 1LA2 106-6NB70
2.2 3 1LA2 096-2NA80 1LA2 106-4NA80 1LA2 113-6NB80
3.7 5 1LA2 130-2NA80-Z 1LA2 113-4NA80 1LA2 131-6NA80
5.5 7.5 1LA2 130-2NA80 1LA2 130-4NA80 1LA2 134-6NA80
7.5 10 1LA2 131-2NA80 1LA2 133-4NA80 1LA2 163-6NA80
11 15 1LA2 163-2NA80 1LA2 163-4NA80 1LA2 166-6NA80
15 20 1LA2 164-2NA80 1LA2 166-4NA80 1LA2 186-6NA80
18.5 25 1LA2 166-2NA80 1LA2 183-4NA80 1LA2 206-6NA80
22 30 1LA2 183-2NA80# 1LA2 186-4NA80 1LA2 207-6NA80
30 40 1LA2 207-2NB80 1LA2 207-4NA80 1LA2 225-6NA80
37 50 1LA2 208-2NA80 1LA2 221-4NA80 1LA2 255-6NA80
45 60 1LA2 224-2NA80 1LA2 224-4NA80 1LA2 281-6NA80
55 75 1LA2 254-2NA80 1LA2 254-4NA80 1LA2 284-6NA80
75 100 1LA2 281-2NB80 1LA2 281-4NA80 1LA2 311-6NA80
90 120 1LA2 284-2NB80 1LA2 284-4NB80 1LA2 314-6NA80
110 150 1LA2 311-2NB80 1LA2 311-4NA80 1LA2 318-6NA80
132 180 1LA2 314-2NB80 1LA2 314-4NA80 1LA2 319-6NA80
160 215 1LA2 356-2NC80-Z 1LA2 318-4NA80 1LA2 356-6NB80
200 270 1LA2 356-2NC80-Z 1LA2 319-4NA80@ 1LA2 357-6NC80
250 335 1LA2 356-2NC80 1LA2 356-4NB80 1LA2 358-6NB80
315 425 1LA2 357-2NC80@ 1LA2 357-4NB80